• ALMA Workshop 2023a

    on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan

    16-18th January 2024

  • Overview

    Recent sensitive ALMA observations have revealed that a substantial fraction of galaxies

    which are bright in submm emission are often dark in optical images, making it exceedingly

    difficult to detect optical emission lines and obtain an unambiguous redshift.

    This can have broad consequences since the uncertainties in redshift can severely hamper

    our ability to efficiently conduct surveys which will ultimately connect various scientific fields,

    for example, blind galaxy/cluster searches, starburst-AGN-QSO connection,

    deep line surveys towards the lensed QSO, spatial variation of the CGM,

    reproducibility in cosmological simulations.

    The scope of this workshop is to review the recent progress in understanding

    the nature of optically-dark mm/submm galaxy population and discuss possible science cases

    and strategies for the next call for observational proposals (e.g., ALMA/JWST/Chandra/VLA).

    Other highly related and complementary topics will be covered in the workshop as well.

    We are planning to have a hybrid mode workshop.

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    at Ishigakijima Astronomical Observatory (google map / website)

    * from afternoon.

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    at Nobumoto Ohama Memorial Hall (google map / website)

  • Important Dates

    31st Oct.


    * The place has limited only for 25 people. 



    Travel Support

    request deadline

    * We might close it earlier depending on the application status.

    13th Jan.






    ALMA Workshop!

  • Participant list


    Denis Burgarella,

    Fabrizia Guglielmetti,

    Naomasa Nakai (remote),

    Natsuki H. Hayatsu,

    Rob Ivison (remote),

    Tomo Goto,

    Tomoya Hirota,

    Xiaoyang Chen,

    Yoshiki Toba,

    Yoshinobu Fudamoto,

    Zhi-Yu Zhang (remote)

  • Useful Info.

    More datails will be sent to the participants via email before the 13th.

    Star-Gazing Tour at Ishigakijima Astronomical Observatory

    • on 1/16 night, with Murikabushi 105cm telescope, weather permitting


    • from 7pm on 1/17 at 森のこかげ てぃんがーら (here) ~3000yen/person including drink


    • planning on 1/18 afternoon (glass boat at Kabira bay)

    Free Map&Guidebook

    download PDF (map, < parent link)